3D Imaging

East Cobb Oral Surgery is proud to deliver the most advanced treatment planning and surgical placement of dental implants. We are using the MGuide computer guided dental implant surgical guide system from MIS Implants.

MCENTER USA is proud to announce MGUIDE, our virtual implant planning and guided implantology system designed to enhance simplicity, accuracy, and safety, for a worry-free guided surgical procedure. This efficient system combines modern 3D implant planning with an innovative surgical template, as well as a unique key-less guided surgery kit. The result is a simple guided implantology procedure that benefits both the clinician and the patient.

What Makes the MGUIDE System So Special?

We have created a system that simplifies the workflow for everyone involved. The clinician now has the ability to responsibly plan his or her case using all of the resources available. Bone quality, tissue height, and prosthetic plan information aid us in treatment planning, taking most of the guesswork out of the surgical procedure. We know going in what the final outcome should resemble, and from that knowledge we create a precise and safe surgical plan that can be executed with the utmost ease. Our tools are designed     to allow you the most comfort and control during the procedure, vastly shortening the actual surgery time. This can allow greater     patient satisfaction, minimal pain, and the opportunity to treat more patients in one day. Shorter chair time = more turnaround. Being able to conceptualize the treatment plan and present it to your patient allows you to keep them informed about what is going to happen. This increases their comfort and enables them to be on board. Our system allows you to map out the road to success. The collaborative efforts of MCENTER USA, the clinician, and their lab allows all avenues to be explored and agreed upon with precise knowledge.